Yellow Course - Hole 18

Yellow Course - Hole 18

Yellow Course - 18th Hole

Par 4

Stroke Index: Ladies 6, Men 8

Seven bunkers up the right side of this hole dictate strategy. With the wind usually blowing in from the right, aiming at the bunkers and allowing it to drift back onto the fairway is often the best play. If you are finishing your round here and make a par, you have done well.


Pro Advice

A drive up the left opens up the green but that means skirting close to the out of bounds line. Always take an extra club for your approach as this uphill shot can be deceptively long.



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Tees and Yards

Red: 328 yards

Yellow: 343 yards

White: 362 yards

Green: 374 yards


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Yellow Course - Hoel 18

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Orange Course

Par 3

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