Red Course - Hole 9

Red Course - Hole 9

Red Course - 9th Hole

Par 5

Stroke Index: Ladies 3, Men 7

Just what you need at the end of a steep climb to the 9th tee. A hole measuring 606 yards. But don't get too distressed, the fairway is very generous and is usually played down wind. A drive up the right side with draw can sometimes get a helpful kick from the bank allowing you to set up a fairly short third shot. 


Pro Advice

This is a fiendish green design; the only one that runs away from you. Sometimes it's wise to leave yourself a full third shot as a little chip can be extremely difficult to control down the green especially in the summer months when the greens are slick and firm.


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Tees and Yards

Red: 507 yards

Yellow: 561 yards

White: 591 yards

Green: 606 yards


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Red Course - Hole 9

Red Course

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Orange Course

Par 3

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