Yellow Course - Hole 11

Yellow Course - Hole 11

Yellow Course - 11th Hole

Par 4 (Ladies), 5 (Men)

Stroke Index: Ladies 2, Men 10

From the tee all you can see is the bunker in the distance, but what you don't appreciate is how much the hole swings to the right. The bunker is a good aiming point unless you are a long hitter. In which case, you will be wanting to cut one around the dogleg, or hit over the edge of the wood. A cleverly sited ancient dewpond, known as the sheep-dip, provides real risk and reward qualities on this great shot par five.


Pro Advice

Provided you are successful with your drive, a long second down the left will get you home, but beware the partially hidden bunker set a few yards short of the green on the left. For this reason, you may like to play a running draw.



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Tees and Yards

Red: 388 yards

Yellow: 478 yards

White: 482 yards

Green: 491 yards


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Yellow Course - Hole 11

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