Cumberwell Park Golf Club Par 4

Red Course - Hole 1

Red Course - 1st Hole

Par 4

Stroke Index: Ladies 5, Men 9

The 1st hole is a good length par four played into the prevailing wind. A strong drive down the left side will open up the green for your second (but beware of the out of bounds on the left). There is plenty of room up the right but the offset green will be hard to find from that side.


Pro Advice

A good start is always important so remember, arrive early and spend 15 minutes on the range before you set up the 1st tee.


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Tees and Yards

Red: 337 yards

Yellow: 380 yards

White: 399 yards

Green: 408 yards


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Red Course - Hole 1

Red Course

Yellow Course

Blue Course

Orange Course

Par 3

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