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Conservation @ Cumberwell – Spring 2020

Welcome back to Cumberwell Park! You may have already noticed that a few things have changed out on the course since the last time you played. The weather has improved dramatically, the course has dried up, and the wildlife may look a little different as well. Whilst there was no golf to be played, it’s been life as normal for the fauna.

Many of the water birds have had their young already including our overwintering Canada geese that now have young goslings with them. Mallard ducks can also now be seen with their ducklings on the par 3 lake and the great crested grebes have paired up on the main lake.

The hedgerows are also a hive of activity now with smaller birds busily nest building or using one of the boxes that we’ve put up around the course.

It looks to be another bumper year for our larger raptor birds including the owls and kestrels. Our resident pair of kestrels are currently sitting on 5 eggs which should start to hatch in about a month’s time. We also have a pair of barn owls in one nest box that are incubating 3 eggs at present, whilst another pair are a little further ahead and have 3 chicks already. The little owls are also doing well and have 5 chicks, the largest brood that we’ve had since they started using our nest box.

With all these new birds on the way they’re going to need somewhere to live. My brother Chris and I made use of the wet winter weather to build a new barn owl box which can be seen on the par 3 course and is already being used. I have also installed a new kestrel box on the orange course with the help of Deputy Course Manager Dave.

The winter months also gave us the opportunity to extend the tree planting programme on the orange course. In addition to the 50 trees that were planted in spring 2019, we have planted a further 40 trees on the orange course and include species such as oak, sweet chestnut and silver birch. Further tree work has also been carried out on trees in the semi rough to remove some lower limbs and improve playability.

This winter, Cumberwell Park has also signed up to the Golf Environment Organization (GEO) award scheme to help reduce our impacts on the environment and improve sustainability. As a part of the GEO award we will be looking at ways to be more environmentally friendly right across the golf club, from the greenkeepers to the clubhouse, from waste reduction and recycling to energy saving. If you have any thoughts or suggestions for things you think we could improve on or do better, then please feel free to email me:

I hope you continue to enjoy the course and all the wildlife that call it home.

Jon Keepen – Head of Conservation


We are currently exhibiting a tree as part of the annual Christmas Tree Festival at the Holy Trinity Church, Bradford on Avon. The tree has been harvested from the golf course and decorated in a golfing theme including golf ball style lights, mini flags and golf tees. There are over 60 trees on show over the period from 3rd to 8th December. If you are in the area, please take a visit and give your support for this fantastic festive event.

Xmas Tree Trinity


Cumberwell Park named 2020 Golf Environment Awards Finalist

We are delighted to be shortlisted for the Operation Pollinator Award as part of the 2020 Golf Environment Awards. This is recognition for the work we carry out in managing and improving our rough grassland habitat on the golf course. We have also made links with Butterfly Conservation this year who are helping us monitor the butterfly and moth species found in these habitats. The awards are managed by the Sports Turf Research Institute and endorsed by the R & A. Founded in 1995, the awards aim to recognise, reward and promote outstanding individuals and golf courses for the time and effort they have put into protecting and preserving their unique surroundings. Course Manager Matt James and Head of Conservation Jon Keepen will be attending the awards dinner in Harrogate on 22nd January 2020.

Jon Keepen - Head of Conservation


South West Kids Charity Golf Day raises £2,700 for the Bristol Children's Hospital Grand Appeal

Club Member Richard Body along with some former colleagues and fellow Members has raised £2,700 over the past 2 years from the South West Kids Charity Golf Day - as superb effort and they hope to continue the success at the 2020 Golf Day (details will follow on our website)

Pictured below at the Cheque Presentation (left to right)

Ali James (Cumberwell Park Golf Manager), Alan Baker (Club Member), Kate Jones (Grand Appeal), Richard Body (Organiser and Club Member), Keith Edwards (Club Member)

Grand Appeal Presentation

Autumn 2019 - Conservation Report

As we head into autumn and the leaves begin to fall, it’s a good opportunity to look back on our environmental work from earlier in the year.

Now that summer is over, we have been cutting the areas of long rough around the course that form the backbone of many of our environmental projects. As many of you will be aware, the wide expanses of long rough that we have here at Cumberwell Park are the ideal habitat for mammals such as voles and mice that help sustain our raptor bird population. This year we once again had two pairs of breeding barn owls, a pair of kestrels and a pair of little owls. The pairs of barn owls each raised one chick whilst the little owls and kestrels reared four chicks each. All our raptor chicks were ringed by members of the Hawk and Owl Trust with the records sent to the British Trust for Ornithology to help build a picture of populations nationally. In addition to supporting birds, the long grass has also been a magnet for butterflies and moths. This year we have partnered with Butterfly Conservation to survey our wildflower meadows. A night time survey for moths revealed more than thirty species present on the course, whilst daytime butterfly surveys were conducted for the big butterfly count. Cumberwell is also participating in Operation Pollinator to look after and increase our wildflower meadows for wildlife.

As well as our grassland habitat, Cumberwell also contains many aquatic habitats used by fish, amphibians and birds. Kingfishers are present here on the course and we have created a habitat to simulate a shear riverbank, their natural breeding site, to help increase numbers on the course. Keep an eye out for a flash of electric blue if you are by one of our streams!

Conservation never stops at Cumberwell and we will be continuing our work throughout the winter. As we coppice hazels and remove trees which may pose a safety risk, the wood will be used to create other wildlife habitats or be chipped and used on the flowerbeds to ensure nothing is wasted.

This year we have again entered the Golf Environment Awards (which are endorsed by the R&A) to highlight the work we do around the site in promoting a more environmentally sustainable and conscious mindset to golf course management. In October we will be visited by a representative from the GEAs who will look at our work, fingers crossed we will be shortlisted for the finals!

This year has also seen the arrival of ‘Conservation Corner’ in the clubhouse. Our new noticeboard will keep you updated with all our latest environmental work, provide identification guides for wildlife on course, and give you the opportunity to record any sightings whilst you’re out playing. You can also contact me directly with queries via email at

Jon Keepen

Head of Conservation, Cumberwell Park


Tarmac Paths installed at Cumberwell Park

This week saw a number of paths undergo a transformation with the laying of a tarmac surface. The paths in focus have been the 8th green to 9th tees, 16th tees to 16th green, 31st green to 32nd tees and 35th green to 36th tees. We chose these areas as they are prone to washing out and create an unstable surface for golfers. Our in house Projects Team undertook the preparation work which involved installing wooden edging and minor re-routing paths in some areas. We aim to install more of this surface in the future.

Tarmac Paths


Cumberwell Park Sponsor Local Rugby Club Payers

This is the second consecutive year that we have chosen to sponsor 2 of our green keeping team members who play for local rugby clubs. We feel this is a valuable link between our staff, local sports clubs and our golf members who are associated with them.

Jon Keepen has been working here for over 7 years and is an established member of the team. He has been playing for Avonvale RFC for 12 years as hooker and in that time has been captain, awarded player of the year and also been involved with junior coaching. Cumberwell Park is also host to an Avonvale Golf Society as well as the club’s Annual Dinner.

Sam Jones started work with the green keeping team in 2018 during his break from university and returned to help us again in 2019. Sam has been playing for Bradford on Avon RFC since he was a junior and normally plays fly half. He was recently award a first class honours degree at Swansea University where he was studying sports science. Sam was involved with the Junior Academy from a young age with his brother Harry, who also joined us on the green keeping team this summer. Bradford on Avon RFC has close links with the James family as Chris and Adrian were founder members in 1982.

Jon and Sam Rugby Sponsorship

Autumn 2018 - Conservation Report

It’s been another fantastic summer for wildlife here at Cumberwell Park and, with the season changing once more, there’s plenty to reflect on. Our raptors have had another successful year with Barn Owls, Little Owls and Kestrels all raising young.

The Barn Owls once again made use of the par 3 course and nested in one of the boxes located there. The pair laid three eggs that all hatched and reached fledging age which was a fantastic result.

Our pair of Kestrels returned to the nest box on the 35th fairway this year and reared three chicks. There are approximately 46,000 breeding pairs of Kestrels in the UK and the species is currently placed on the ‘Amber’ list of endangered species, so to have a returning pair to the golf course is a great result.

For the second year in a row, we were fortunate to have Little Owls breeding here at Cumberwell Park. The pair used a nest box on the orange course and raised three chicks.

For the Little Owl ringing session, we were again joined by Dr. Emily Joachim. Founder of the UK Little Owl Project, Emily has studied Little Owls for over a decade and is an authority on the species. In addition, we were joined by Megan Witty, organiser of the Minerva’s Owls of Bath trail which was raising money towards the UK Little Owl Project. Many of you would have seen the Cumberwell Owl outside of the clubhouse that was part of the trail. The Owl has now flown the nest to be auctioned off with the other owls on the trail to raise money for the UK Little Owl Project, the Royal United Hospital Cancer Centre, B&NES young carers and the Roman Baths Archway project.

As well as the raptors, other wildlife has also been thriving despite the very hot summer. Once again both little and great crested grebes have nested on the course lakes alongside ducks, coots and moorhens. The grey herons have been ever present throughout the summer months along with the illusive muntjac deer. Many of these will stay with us throughout autumn and into winter so keep your eyes peeled next time you’re playing!

Head of Conservation, Jon Keepen


Greenkeepers take on Bristol Half-Marathon

Course Manager Matt James & Assistant Green Keeper Chris Keepen successfully completed the Bristol Half Marathon on Sunday. Although for some the weather may have seemed a nuisance, it provided good running conditions for the 10,000 participants. Chris completed the course in a stunning time of 1 hour & 34 minutes whilst Matt finished with a time of 1 hour & 52 minutes. The main beneficiary of the run has been Macmillan Cancer Support where Matt & Chris have raised a combined £1,500. Two of our green keeping team members, Mike Moore & Laurie Vines, both suffered from cancer earlier this year and the green keeping team wanted to show their support for Mike & Laurie in some form. Thankfully both are back with us at work on the golf course.

GK Half Marathon



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